Have you seen property that piqued your interest? Ready to start a new chapter of your life, or perhaps make a wise investment? Maybe it’s time to finally buy some land or fulfill that dream of living near the ocean. Sign up for our auction alerts and you’ll get the latest news on our current and future auctions. Here’s how to get started.

  • Find an Auction

    Use our website to find auctions of interest. You can even sign up for our email alerts or direct mail list and be automatically notified of auctions that meet your criteria.

  • Request Information

    Detailed property information for each auction is available by contacting our corporate office at 800.434.1654 or email

  • Preview the Property

    The auction preview period allows prospective bidders the opportunity to inspect the property prior to the auction. We encourage you to visit the property multiple times if necessary. Our onsite staff will answer all questions and provide you with any supplemental information requested.

  • Get Certified Funds

    We require bidders to bring a cashier’s check or bank letter of guarantee in order to participate as a registered bidder at our auctions. After you determine the amount necessary, stop by your bank and get the appropriate funds or letter. It’s that easy!

  • Arrive Early and Register

    On the day of the auction, try to arrive early enough to register and take a last look around. Registration starts an hour prior to auction time; however, AB staff is usually there at least two hours earlier to answer questions and provide last-minute tours. We also encourage you to meet the auctioneer and bid assistants that will help guide you through the auction process.

  • Bid

    Have fun! Carefully follow the auction process and bid accordingly. Just remember, auction means opportunity in action!

  • Pay

    If you are the winning bidder, you will need to execute the appropriate documents and make a 10% deposit on auction day. Closing typically takes place within 30 days.

Interested in the Auction Process?