Albert Auction takes great pride in having the experience and capability to tailor an effective marketing campaign for each property we work with.   A successful auction can be traced back to the innovative techniques and unique elements comprising the marketing efforts.  Several factors are considered when developing a campaign for our sellers.

At Albert Auction, we offer numerous advantages to property owners including:

  • Capital

    Frees the Seller’s Capital to invest in other ventures, since campaigns are often based on a 60-day period from listing to closing.

  • Assures Competition

    Assures competition in bid prices so that the true market value is achieved as opposed to a series of price reductions in an attempt to affect a quick sale.

  • Personal attention

    Personal attention is given to each of the properties by focusing on the real estate and personal property we are marketing.

  • Full service

    Full service from listing to closing, Albert Auction offers sellers confidence that we can convert the asset to liquid.

  • Motivates Buyers

    Motivates prospective buyers to the point of action since the sale opportunity is based on a deadline.

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