106 years later, auctions are still in vogue.

Auctions go waaay back in Lakeview, OR!

Long ago in 1909, the Oregon Valley Land Company conducted a weeklong auction to dispose of land grants acquired from the construction of the Oregon Central Military Wagon Road. The auction was advertised nationwide. The rural parcels also included a separate town lot in Lakeview. Thousands of people came to Lakeview for the auction and many others purchased property sight-unseen. During the auction, a total of 340,000 acres were sold in approximately 14,000 parcels. Lake County used part of its income from the sale to finance a new county courthouse. The new brick courthouse was built in the center of town, replacing the wooden building that had served as the county court since 1876.

So there you have it! Auctions work. Always have. Always will.

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