Property Improvements

Just under 14,850 cubic yards of bedrock, debris and soils were removed to create the gently sloped property that is observed today. The building site is not only completely level for construction, but all of the necessary utility conduits are already in place. The precisely designed driveway, with commercial grade base and a 9% slope, gently curves its way down to the building area from Angel Point Road.

A massive retaining wall was installed to create a level building site and provide an adequate area for personal and guest parking. The elevation of this leveled area is 4 1/2 feet above the high water mark of Flathead Lake. The stone retaining wall permitted the construction of the circular driveway court that is situated at the same level as the first floor of a contemplated residence. No steps will be required from the driveway to the front door.

The retaining wall utilizes the same engineering principles as the Hoover Dam. The semi-circular design is 150 feet long and 15 feet high at its center point. It has been built to the following specifications:

  • 10 foot wide spread footings, keyed and pinned to the bedrock.
  • 18 inch thick, high strength poured concrete with #6 rebar/double faced.
  • The face of the wall is clad with 6 inch natural stone (Castle Rock, McGregor green/gray and McGregor pale red).
  • 1000 pound cast stone coping caps with Zypex add-mix for weather protection.

Thermally fused, 2 inch diameter piping was installed to connect the upper and lower property extremities. This piping includes the following:

  • 2 inch diameter gas lines that permits connection to natural gas if provided on Angel Point Road in the future. At present, these over-sized lines are used for LP/Propane fuel.
  • 3 – 2 inch diameter water lines for soft and raw water.
  • 2 – 2 inch, high tensile strength, pressured sewer lines.

All 2 inch diameter piping was trenched through bedrock and bedded in protective sand. All water lines were placed at a 6 1/2 foot depth for frost protection.

Wireway conduit piping was installed connecting the upper and lower property extremities. These wireway conduits include piping to accommodate such items as:

  • 800 Amp electrical power
  • High speed internet
  • Land line telephone and fax
  • CAT 5 computer links
  • Security systems
  • Electronic gate control
  • Lakeshore link to the Carriage House
  • Satellite TV antenna system
  • Sewer lift-pump controls
  • Standby power generator
  • Separate electrical feeds to dock area

All wireway conduit piping was installed to commercial specifications, including the bedding of all conduits in protective sand, and terminating conduits in four 5 foot by 5 foot industrial concrete vaults at the top and bottom of the property.

Highly reinforced concrete grade beams have been installed to provide proper load bearing for construction. These concrete grade beams are pinned to the bedrock. Any future construction can utilize these existing grade beams which were over engineered to provide adequate bearing for even the heaviest construction.

Mechanical engineers Morrison-Maierle, Inc. designed and created a complete on-site sewer system, incorporating the latest filtration system by Advantex. All permits and state and county approvals have been obtained. However, final installation will be governed by the number of bedrooms planned in any new construction.

A new water well was rotary-drilled on the upper portion of the property. This new domestic well was completed to commercial specifications, which include heavy duty 8 inch and 6 inch diameter industrial steel casing to a depth of 230 feet. The well was extensively test pumped, generating 150 gallons of water per minute. Water analysis indicates low and very manageable mineral content, resulting in a Class ‘A’ potable water classification.